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Welcome to website! The concept of is to make the smallest, lightweight and mobility products to match with mobile devices according to most parts of the markets inquiries. emphasizes Small, Mobility, Big Data and Cloud Mobility. The product lines of includes Terminal like SS-1100 Multi-Function Smart Station and Mini Barcode Readers like ERB-288w, ERB-188 and ERB-2109 and Retail Barcode Reader like ERB-3209. The products of are durable and stable with high quality.
has three categories of product lines below:

Elite Mini Barcode Reader
We design all the mini barcode readers for Mobile or tablet or PAD using. Now four products launched is
ERB-2109 Elite Bluetooth 2D Image Barcode Reader 2D CMOS Image , Bluetooth, USB HID Keyboard, Memory mode supported
ERB-288w Elite Mini Wireless Barcode Reader, CMOS 1D CCD and Bluetooth interface
ERB-188 Elite Mini Barcode Reader, CMOS 1D CCD and USB interface
ERB-190 Elite Mini Barcode Reader, 4 scanning engines available from 1D Long Range CCD to 2D Image and USB Interface
Multi Function Smart Station
SS-1100 Multi Function Smart Station, You have never seen any terminal with the various input devices like SS-1100. No matter 1D CCD, 1D Laser or 2D Imager barcode readers, or Smart card reader, NFC or Mifare readers, Proximity readers like EM card or Magnetic slot reader(MSR). There are optioned devices with Mini POS printer and LCD for the customers who need stand alone POS.
Retail Barcode Reader
Now there is only one model launched ERB-3209 Elite Handheld 2D Image Barcode Reader
We are still developing multi function smart scanner built in 1D Barcode Reader with OLED for data display. Follow with , you can gather all your mini world in barcode data scanning and collecting.
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Why brand Elite?
always focus on the smartest, smallest and the most convenient product innovation. To satisfy different regions requirements, Elite was taken as the sub brand which emphasize the low cost, economy, retail orientation but also care about the quality and performance.
Elite was created for the market out of US and EU territories. The main concept of Elite is low cost, economy, stable and run rate product. The products Elite has three categories of product lines below:
2D Handheld Barcode Scanner
ELS-550 Elite Handheld 2D Image Barcode Reader
ELS-570 Elite Wireless Handheld 2D Image Barcode Reader
1D Handheld and Omni-Directional Scanner
ELS-3202 1D Laser and USB interface (High Performance)
ELS-7206 1D Laser, hand-free and USB interface
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